We provide online audio mastering services to Musicians, Music Labels and Podcast Producers.

Mastering on demand

You upload > We master > You download

No algorithms, robots or subscription fees.

Music Mastering for Artists and Bands

Real mastering engineers. Professional sound.

Quick turn around.
3 Free tweaks.
Upload a final mix or stems with reference tracks.
$85AUD per Single

Collaborate with the mastering engineer

Head Engineer Roy Mollace - 25 years experience in professional audio.

We master all genre's, from singer song writers, to the heaviest of metal   \m/

Here's how it works



Hit Get Started and register. Your account will be provisioned with its very own cloud space. Upload your files and our Mastering Engineers will start to get to work on your tracks. You can upload stems or final mixes and even reference tracks for us to match against.


Pay using PayPal™ 

Once you are in your account and have uploaded all your files. Simply pay for the amount of tracks you would like Mastered using your Credit Card or PayPal™ account using PayPal™


Download your Master tracks ready to upload to iTunes™, Spotify™ etc :)

When the Mastering Engineer has finished Mastering your tunes. They will upload them back to your Cloud in your account and you can download them at anytime. 

$AUD                              85

Per Song

2 Day turn around

3 Free tweaks

Mastered at 24bit 96kHz ready for submission to iTunes and Spotify.

Variable bit rate (VBR) 256 kbps Mp3 included

$AUD                              400

5 Songs

3 Day turn around

3 Free tweaks

Mastered at 24bit 96kHz ready for submission to iTunes and Spotify.

Variable bit rate (VBR) 256 kbps Mp3 included

$AUD                              600

10 songs

4 Day turn around

3 Free tweaks

Mastered at 24bit 96kHz ready for submission to iTunes and Spotify.

Variable bit rate (VBR) 256 kbps Mp3 included

Mastering FAQ

Mastering is the final stage of the recording and mixing process and ensures that your song will sound good on anything it is listened on. Typically It sweetens the sound and makes the track as loud as possible. 

We accept WAV and AIFF files no less than 44.1kHz and preferably at 24bits

We will not Master MP3 or any other Lossless filetype.

Make sure you upload final mixes as you intend them to be heard, so top and tail your songs appropriately, if you submit songs with count ins these will be left in. Fades at the end of a song may be sweetnened as part of the mastering process but generally have the mix engineer get the song where you already need it to be.

Please remove all Mastering plug ins from the Master track when mixing down. Plug ins like Ozone, L2, Maxim, and AdLimit should be removed from your Master Bus allowing the full dynamic range to be available for the Mastering Engineer.

Yes of course, we will treat it as a different track and you will be charged for Mastering the additional track.

Yes! Send us a track of a song you'd like us to aim for sonically. We will master as close as we can to the reference track. We will match EQ and Compression. Because there are so many variables we cannot guarentee that it will sound exactly like your reference track but there will be similarities.

When uploading reference tracks, rename the track to be called 'reference.wav' or suggest a song that is readily available on streaming services and we will source it.


Stems are stereo recordings sourced from mixes of multiple individual tracks. For example, a drum stem will typically be the stereo mix of all of the drum tracks. Guitar stems would be a stereo mix of all the Guitars and so on. You would also need to include a Stem of all effects also.

When the Mastering engineer loads all the Stems into a DAW, the mix should be the same as the final mix incuding all instruments, vocals, effects etc.

Please label Stems as best as possible so we can easily recreate the mix. Stems are the best way for us to get the most loudness and sonic quality and can save time should the track desperately need remixing as it can be addressed via the Stems.

There is a 'contact your Mastering Engineer' link inside your account that sends correspondence directly to the Mastering Engineer working on your Master. There is also chat and you can leave messages.

Your Mastering Engineer will also send you messages here and links to work in progress Masters. You can collaborate fully with the mastering engineer.

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